Halo FAQ


Q: What are typical use cases for Halo?

A: Underserved low cell signal areas, mobile data backup, business continuity including voice traffic, mobile data connectivity

Q: What types of speed may I expect to receive with Halo?

A: Ranges from 48mbps uplink /40mbps download 

Q: How is Halo compared to competitive products?

A: Halo has a smaller and lighter form factor, lower total cost of ownership and uses proprietary encryption of data, mobile application easily transportable.

Q: Why does my speed test application from my phone show only 8 mbps upload and 6 mbps download?  

A: With typical phone apps, the Halo will balance the load required for a test and only pass what is required to send and receive the traffic type. In many cases speed tests will only test one SIM card in the Halo. The best test to use is an iPerf test.  



Q: How is the Halo unit operationally supported once installed?

A: Kinetx Prime offers 24 hour customer support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

DATA Encryption

Q: Does Halo encrypt data?

A: Yes, encryption method is Halo’s strength. Not only is the connection in a VPN and encrypted, but the system breaks each packet down over the multiple SIMs. A hacker with the ability to intercept one SIM connections encryption will only get a portion of the communication. Only with hacking each carrier and each SIM and reconstructing the variable data streams will a hacker gain access to the data streams.

Satellite Integration

Q: Does Halo support satellite connection?

A: Yes, it supports any ethernet alternate connection to the internet, including satellite.

Q: What type of speed will I get using satellite?

A: It depends on service provider ability and SLA.

SIM Integration

Q: Halo uses 4 SIM cards, will increasing to 6 or 8 SIMs increase throughput?

A: The overall capacity is increased, but the amount of processing time for the additional SIMs will degrade the throughput. 4 SIMS provides an optimized configuration to maximize throughput while minimizing the cost of ownership.

Q: Does Halo support eSIM?

A: Not yet, but is on the roadmap for the 2nd quarter of 2021.