Kinetx Prime teams up with ELS

Elsight Chief Executive, Nir Gabay Pictured on the right. Source: Paul Jeffers The Market Herald

Kinetx Prime is joining forces with Elsight (ELS) to provide direct-to-consumer Telehealth services in the United States.

Julian Douglas of The Market Herald writes:

“As COVID-19 continues to spread out of urban centres into rural and remote areas, the need for telehealth consultations is burgeoning, particularly in southern states.

Kinetx’s reach and capabilities in servicing areas with minimal cellular coverage is vital in the fight against the spread of the virus. With the adoption of the Halo platform, Kinetx can provide a secure and safe way for patients to access care.

Nir Gabay, founder and CEO of Elsight, says, the deal will bolster both public health and the company’s bottom line.

‘We are delighted to have partnered with a company that shares our vision and to be able to bring about positive change during a time of crisis and pain,’ Nir said.

‘I believe that going forward, this project will enable Kinetx Prime and Elsight to contribute to helping save lives while cultivating a brand-new market with large and sustainable revenue opportunities,’ he added.

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