Neutral Host Services

5G is as much as 100 times faster than 4G and will dramatically change the way we utilize the internet in our homes, businesses and vehicles, all without the need for a wired connection.

Qube Multi-Radio System small cell capable of hosting radios from multiple wireless operators.

US wireless carriers are projected to invest $275 billion to deploy 5G networks which will include upgrading existing infrastructure on cell towers but will also require the deployment of hundreds of thousands of additional points-of-presence (small cells) to reach the network density required to make ubiquitous 5G a reality.

The focus of these operators is to deploy 5G in the major metropolitan areas where the demand is the highest, the geographic density of the urban deployments presents a much quicker return on their investment.

5G is coming to a city near you – but it might be a long time before it reaches your town. The financial incentive is just not there for the wireless companies to build out single- carrier small cells in smaller cities. This creates opportunities for companies with infrastructure in the rights of ways to become neutral host providers.

What is a Neutral Host Provider?

In the early days of cellular networks, the wireless carriers erected their own towers. It did not take long for municipalities to push back as residents and businesses objected to the random citing of towers and the visual pollution that ensued. Faced with the “not- in-my-backyard” resistance, the cell carriers realized the need to consolidate their assets and share the towers.

Today, most cell sites are owned by tower companies functioning as “neutral host providers”, they build the towers then lease space to any and all the carriers. It is not unusual to have four carriers on one tower.

The neutral host companies can do the same in the 5G small cell world, provide power, connectivity and manage the installation and maintenance of the radios and related equipment… and collect monthly rent from all of them.

It’s possible in a 5G environment for a neutral host provider to erect small cell poles and cabinets capable of housing the radios of up to four operator’s radios, thereby increasing the monthly rental by up to a factor of four. This collocated small cell model makes 5G deployments in smaller cities and towns cost- feasible… and profitable.


Our Kinetx Prime management team represents a combined total of fifty-plus years in the neutral host world providing executive, technical, project management and installation expertise.

Our people have handled complex negotiations with carriers, municipalities and utilities for attachment agreements, Right – of – Way placement/ authorizations and entitlements compliance.  Services include in-depth proficiency on aesthetically pleasing solutions that will gain approval from jurisdictional planning authorities and city councils.

This team has the knowledge and experience to guide your organization through the steps necessary to become a neutral host provider or Kinetx Prime can take on that role exclusively and develop a revenue-share model. Below is a list of Neutral Host services Kinetx Prime provides.

Neutral Host Services Available


  • Web Site Portal
  • Integrated GIS Research Tools
  • Active Email Campaign Targeting Local Market Carrier Contacts


  • Use Utility Company’s Pre-Approved License Templates
  • Use Utility Company’s Published Rates for Wireless Attachments and A La Carte Pricing Options
  • Financial Accounting & License Administration
  • Prefer All Financial Transactions are By and Between Utility and Carrier
  • Able to Act as a Financial Intermediary

Field Services

  • RF Drive Testing of the Target Market

  • Candidate Pole Data Collection

RF Engineering

  • Analysis of Field Drive Test Data and Other Crowd-Sourced Data

  • Design Market Specific Master Plan

  • Generate Safety Policies and Procedures

  • Pole Signage

  • MPE Studies

  • Generate RF Bill of Material

  • Antenna

  • Cables

  • Passive Components

Project Management

  • Follow the 5-Phases of Project Management
    • Initiation
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Monitoring & Control
    • Close-Out
  • Dedicated Point-of-Contact for Utility Owner and Wireless Carriers
  • Overall Responsibility for Successfully Delivering a Project On-Time and On-Budget
  • Managing the Various Project Teams & Functions
    • RF Engineering
    • External Civil Engineering
    • Permitting
    • Competitive Bid Process
    • Materials Procurement
    • Licensed Contractors

Design, Engineering & Permitting

  • Engage Licensed Professional Engineering (PE) Firm

  • Development of Construction Drawings (CDs)

  • Bid Document Set

  • Permitting Set

  • Approved for Construction Set

  • Work with Utility and Local R.O.W. Jurisdiction to Select Poles Meeting Preferred RF Engineering Design

  • Obtain Jurisdictional Permit(s) for the Pole Upgrades

Construction & Installation

  • Initial Site Construction & Installation

  • Competitive Bid & Award Process

  • Materials Management

  • Construction Scheduling

  • In-Progress Field Oversight & Quality Control

  • Anchor Wireless Carrier Installation & Testing

  • Inspection and Acceptance


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